Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thank You, Roger Ebert!

For (verbally) smashing right-wing clown Bill O' Reilly across the face with a 2 x 4 of a column in the Chicago Sun-Times. Seems that Billo is all upset that the Sun-Times is dropping his lying, ranting column from the newspaper. O'Reilly is making dire threats because of this. Ebert's reply is priceless. And for me, the punch line is classic:

Bill, I am concerned that you have been losing touch with reality recently. Did you really say you are more powerful than any politician?

That reminds me of the famous story about Squeaky the Chicago Mouse. It seems that Squeaky was floating on his back along the Chicago River one day. Approaching the Michigan Avenue lift bridge, he called out: Raise the bridge! I have an erection!

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pablo said...

Great writing by Roger, as usual.

As an aside, at this same site it is worth taking a look at his 'Great Movies' link. One of my goals is to eventually see all the films on Roger's list here. He has a book by the same name which contains his original 100 choices for this list with the same essays. I have found reading Roger's essays have really helped me better understand and enjoy the films on his list, as well as helping me appreciate films in general.
Take a look!