Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Right-Wing Republican Governor of Texas is Talking TREASON

That would be all-round clown and conservative Republican Rick Perry who said today that Texas might secede from the Union if Washington continues its "oppression". 

The right-wingers lose a couple of elections and they start talking violence and secession. These aren't patriots. These are selfish, spoiled, ranting, hate-filled losers.

And some of them are turning into traitors.

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Moussie~Missie said...

When the Bush and the Republican criminals were in office I was considered a treasonous left wing anti American. Now that "More Bush" Obama is in office I am considered a treasonous right wing anti American. Being from Texas I can assure you that Rick Perry is a scumbag. He is simply posturing so when he goes up against Kay Bailey Hutchinson he can paint her as a Washington insider who is responsible for the problems the nation is facing. It's nothing more than that. If Obama was a Republican Rick Perry would be applauding the current administration's bailout money for banker criminals, even larger Military Budget, not dismantling Gitmo yesterday, retaining Rendition, keeping and expanding the power of Big Brother to spy on us, not pulling the plug on the Gestapo.... mean Homeland security, no mass closings of imperialist Military bases scattered around the world, legislation to give presidential control over the internet, consumption taxs that have only just started to be imposed that will result in a net loss for any tax break most Americans will get. The list goes on and on. Yes Perry would love the Obama agenda if Obama was only a Republican. Rick Perry is a Republican Poodle first class. But then it sure looks like Obama is a first class Republican Poodle too only the moron conservatives and liberals don't seem to see it because they have never thought about a snake with two heads.