Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't Let the Radical Right Lie to You: This is the BUSH-CHENEY RECESSION

Eric Alterman lays a body slam on the right-wing liars and their enablers in the MSM, the ones who actually have the nerve to blame Barack Obama--who's been president for all of 85 days--for America's economic problems and exonerate Bush, who was president for eight freaking years!! Key passage:

Never mind that it was the Bush administration that originally decided to bail out the four largest banks in America, AIG, and the automobile industry well before Obama won the election. And never mind, more importantly, that it was the Bush’s administration’s policy and ideological principles, favoring deregulation at any cost, that rested at the heart of bad economic decision after bad economic decision, and helped cause the crisis in the first place. What’s more, Bush and company were AWOL per usual when presented with the opportunity to address, even fix, the risky subprime lending industry. (Alas, in Fox’s defense, and to paraphrase CNN’s Anderson Cooper, it’s hard to think when you’re tea-bagging.)

Remember, folks, that the people who are pushing this "everything is Obama's fault" bullshit are pathological liars like Hannity, Limbaugh, and the entire Fox propaganda operation. Remember, too, that conservative political leaders and pundits NEVER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING.  Even though the current economic disaster is DIRECTLY the fault of right-wing economic tactics that deliberately set out to bludgeon the Middle Class, the radical right-wing crooks seek to spew out all the blame on someone who had absolutely nothing to do with it. It's the way these conservative criminals operate. They're just like the Mafia, only with fewer moral scruples. 

The radical right cannot be successfully engaged and talked to--they can only be politically crushed and destroyed. There can be no reasoning with people this blatantly dishonest. There can only be our victory, and their total defeat.

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Moussie~Missie said...

I think you have this wrong. This is a Federal Government / Corporate Banking Depression.

1913 The Federal Reserve was established giving control to a "Private" unaccountable Bank over the currency and monetary policy of the USA, never again to be controlled by elected representatives of the people. The previously declared as unconstitutional Federal Income soon followed. Deficit spending and the growth of government ramped up along with taxes. The US dollar was continually inflated over time having the same affect as an additional tax on the people. The US dollar is now worth only about 5% of what it was before the establishment the Federal Reserve and Government by oppressive Taxation. Under the criminal Nixon the dollar was uncoupled from gold or any tangible anchor unleashing the extraordinary dangers of a fiat currency upon the people. Under Clinton the most important regulations controlling banks and financial instruments were repealed while regulations on small business to raise money became more restrictive causing capital formation to be even more dominated by investment bankers and securities brokers. Under Bush government corruption, incompetence and authoritative arrogance allowed the unbridled financial industry along with the large national and international corporate interests to run wild. Today under the Obama administration we see continued government support for the same group of banks and financial institutions in collusion with the Federal Reserve that have manipulated, lobbied and influenced the unsound polices of greed and concentration of wealth by the government. In fact his cabinet and advisory are full of the same people that were responsible for the financial polices and instruments that have enabled such criminal greed and great destruction of the peoples wealth. While great anger toward Bush and Cheney for wild spending, evil wars of aggression and the suppression of liberty is certainly warranted, great anger should also be directed to the democrats and the government as a whole. We are not seeing a change in anything but rhetoric. While tax cuts for 95% of us is a wonderful idea increases in hidden or consumptive taxes are on the table with the most easy to implement tax of massive proportions has already been placed on tobacco products. It was easy to pass because there would be little opposition and because the tax may discourage bad personal behavior. More of these type of taxes are to follow and will eventually affect all of us and turn our tax break into a net loss. It has to because we have to pay for all the spending of government some how. Speaking of spending, when the economy is in such dire straights the current administration and congress has increased Military spending beyond even that of the insane level of the Republicans. There is no talk of the patriot act being repealed or the Republican formed gestapo called Homeland security being disbanded. There is no talk of closing Military bases of imperialistic intervention scattered all over the world. There has been no action taken to address the prosecution of the very serious war crimes committed by Bush-Cheney and their administration. Why would these criminals not be brought to justice. The only reason is that our leadership would not want to set a prescient for accountability that they might also be held to. Government spying and government control over citizens has been expanded and not decreased. The use of US Military to assist in law enforcement drills is still on going though clearly unconstitutional. 50,000 plus troops along with private security personal are to be left in Iraq after 2010 and even withdraw by that date is flexible. A surge in troops and an expansion of the War in Afghanistan is to be implemented. Even if this war on the Taliban is just we can not afford to pay for it and all the massive Military spending. Our government is a two headed snake and no matter which head you stand next to you will be bitten.