Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yes, The Republican Leadership REALLY DOES Want People to Suffer

I offer this story for your consideration. Excerpt:

Limbaugh is, without ambiguity, rooting for failure. In the midst of an economic crisis, Limbaugh quite openly admitted that if Obama's economic policies are successful, it would undermine the talk-show host's worldview. As such, Limbaugh wants desperately to see more Americans suffer, more workers unemployed, more businesses close up shop. The key here is philosophy -- if government spending can stimulate the economy, as it always does, then the right is wrong. Limbaugh would much prefer a suffering nation than a reevaluation of conservative ideas.

Or as one commenter put it, 

Here's what millionaire Rush Limbaugh is really saying to his adoring audience:

"I want you to lose your job and lose your home and have to live on the street and sleep on a steam grate and line up at a soup kitchen for food ... so my rich, fat-cat, corporate masters can continue to carry off trillions from the Treasury - which your grandchildren will be paying for many decades to come - while you're all too miserable to pay attention."

And the response from his weak-minded, ignorant, gullible, mean-spirited mental slaves is "Ditto That, Rush!

And yes--Limbaugh is the PERFECT reflection of the Republican leadership. The GOP grovels before this ludicrous, loud mouthed, lying sack of crap.

I'm trying to be reasonable Zach, but what else can I do?

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Zach said...

HA! thanks...

Even my Grandpa, one of the most racist conservative Republicans I've ever met, hates Rush with a passion, which was uplifting to me when I found out (granted he listens to him anyway because he's really old and is a creature of habit).

I see in Rush what I think a lot people are. The article said, "Limbaugh would much prefer a suffering nation than a reevaluation of conservative ideas." I can hardly judge him or hate him for that; I am a stubborn guy after all. Granted there is much more at stake here than in the middle of an argument (depending on the argument) and Limbaugh is a public figure with much more influence than his ignorant rantings deserve, so he should definitely be held more accountable than, say you or me whose audiences are slightly less than that of Rush Limbaugh.

In my opinion, Limbaugh's attitude is unpatriotic and damn near treason considering his sphere of influence. If McCain had been elected, I seriously doubt that either you or I would be as cold-hearted as to wish poverty and unemployment upon the nation simply because we disagree with his stance on the economy.

It has been a long standing opinion of mine that Rush Limbaugh is unworthy of his position and should be removed from it, by force if necessary. I view him as a scourge on our nation and many conservatives feel the same way, adding to his lack of credibility. He is an enemy to the nation.

And this concludes my political rant for the day.