Monday, February 02, 2009

Michael Lind Speaks the Truth: The Republicans Are Today's Confederates

He says what needs to be said, and explains why any attempt to negotiate with the modern Confederacy is doomed to fail:

The rest of the country needs to understand. This is not the nation-minded Republican Party of Lincoln and McKinley, Eisenhower and Dole. Nor is it the party of Herbert Hoover who, if he were alive, would be denounced by the Southern Right as the flawed but public-spirited Progressive he was. No, this is the party that was hijacked after the civil-rights revolution by former Democrats on the Southern far right. Its spiritual ancestors are the old states’ rights Southern conservative Democrats, like John C. Calhoun and Jefferson Davis and Strom Thurmond and Orval Faubus. The slogan of the segregationist Democrats—“massive resistance”—characterizes today’s Southern conservative resistance to necessary federal economic action, just as it inspired yesterday’s Southern conservative resistance to equal rights for black Americans.

The new Republican Party is a strange version of the old Democratic Party. It's the Dixiecrat wing without any other wings. The morphing of the Grand Old Party into a Southern-dominated faction goes back half a century to the so-called Southern Strategy to win a slice of the Southern vote in the Electoral College. Under George W. Bush, it would have seemed that this strategy reached its climax. But after the utter repudiation of Bush's presidency and the experiment with conservative Republican Party rule, the congressional Republicans left in the rubble are turning even more to the right—and the South

How can you negotiate with Confederates who, as Lind points out in his post, have essentially told the rest of the nation to drop dead?


Anonymous said...

Interesting thought on the Republican Party. I had never put the connection to the Dixiecrats. But, I am losing faith in OUR elected and appointed officials. First is the former Governor Rod Blagojevich, then Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, and finally Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Daschle. I am sure the people of Illinois have lost all faith in any Governor since the last two have been imprisoned and impeached. Secretary Geithner owes the IRS and government $34,000. Secretary Daschle owes $146,000. Maybe a law needs to be passed that if you are going to run for or appointed to any office a full background check needs to be done. This should be done by the FBI and IRS. I wonder how many of OUR officials have not paid their proper share of taxes.

Change 2009

Joseph said...

Interesting. Two Democrats with IRS problems and a demented governor are causing you to lose faith, but eight years of staggering corruption, illegal war, and vicious lies apparently had little effect. Pretty selective disillusionment, there.

Anonymous said...

Current events is what interests me. The Bush Administration is over and WE, you and me Joseph and America need to move forward. The three that I mentioned above are currently in the news. I was hoping that now that there is a government run by the Democratic Party that your blog would be less hateful and more praise of OUR Party. Do you think that this Stimulus Package will create 3-4 million jobs?

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