Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Glenn Greenwald Destroys the Phony "Obama Cuts Defense" LIE

It seems that neocon fanatic Robert Kagan is trying to spread the lie that Obama has proposed a cut in defense, when in fact he has approved a $14 billion INCREASE in defense spending. Glenn Greenwald has sliced, diced, and napalmed Kagan's lying crap, and he's masterful in his thoroughness.

Defense spending is the sacred cow of government. And the U.S. share of world defense spending is astonishing (click to enlarge):

The conservatives are already flooding us with their lies about President Obama. This is is simply another of them. Greenwald shows us how to smack these lies down definitively.


Anonymous said...

Hello Joseph, I stopped reading you after the election because I was tired of your tirades. I see that you haven't stopped. I see the change in the oval office has lead to nominating three tax evaders and one governor who withdrew his name because he is being investigated for wrong doing. Change - bring Chicago politics to the White House. I love it. Maybe I should stop paying my taxes so I can be nominated for a Cabinet position.

Joseph said...

Maybe I haven't made myself clear. I'll try again. Bush and Cheney ruined America's economy, got us into an illegal war, instituted torture as an American policy, turned ordinary rendition into rendition for torture, used the govt. to fatten themselves and their friends, and basically lied about all of it relentlessly. You want me to get angry about two guys who screwed up their taxes? Are you serious? You think I should take you seriously and give you more than one-half of a second's consideration?

I am proud of EVERYTHING I have written. I retract NOTHING. I apologize for NOTHING, except for one thing:

I wish I'd hit the right wing criminal bastards even harder.