Friday, February 13, 2009

The REAL Republican Party Slogan

The Republicans opposed the stimulus bill because THEY'RE AFRAID IT MIGHT HELP.

They oppose national health care because THEY'RE AFRAID IT MIGHT WORK.

They're afraid that if the government actually helps people, the Democratic Party will benefit, just as it did in the 1930s and 1940s.

Their ONLY chance of getting back in power is if the economy utterly crashes and people suffer needlessly.

The Republican leadership WANTS people to suffer. The right-wing politicians and hate radio pundits DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ORDINARY PEOPLE.

The Republican goal is a nation where the vast majority of people are beaten down and completely submissive to the orders of a wealthy oligarchy--a conservative oligarchy that uses the rest of the country as its own personal garbage dump.

So they'll fight everything that benefits the average American, and I mean everything.

It's what the conservatives are best at.  Hell, it's the ONLY thing they're good at.

[Graphic from devilstower on DKos]


Zach said...

I read all political rhetoric with a liberal bias, but even I have a hard time believing that the Republicans are simply out to get America. Call it naivete, ignorance, or stupidity, but I have a hard time swallowing a lot of what you say. It is so fused with hatred. Granted, you have lived a longer life than I and have been screwed over a bit by the Republicans, I get that. Pardon the analogy, but a lot of what I read on your blog sounds like a liberal Rush Limbaugh (albeit less ignorant and fat, but I think you get my point). I'm not sure exactly what else I want to say here except I guess that it bothers me.

Joseph said...

Zach, I certainly don't think the average, man-on-the-street Republican feels that way, but I'll tell you an anecdote that might illustrate my thinking. In 1993, when Bill Clinton introduced his national health care proposal, a Republican strategist named Bill Kristol (who had worked for VP Quayle) circulated a memo saying the Republicans had to stop the program because if it passed, the average American would have reason to be grateful to the Democratic Party, and the Republicans would end up in the wilderness. In other words, he was afraid it would WORK. The Republicans and their allies in the insurance industry indeed did kill the proposal. How many people have suffered and died needlessly because of this? The Republicans who opposed the stimulus don't care about spending--if they did, the country wouldn't be in the mess it is. They pushed through, in 2001, a $1.135 trillion tax cut, 75% of which ultimately benefited the rich. No, they want to, in the words of one conservative, "kneecap" Obama, make his name mud (according to another.) The national GOP is led by corrupt, amoral people Zach--I've followed them for years and they appall me.

My tone is indeed very militant, very angry. I'm politically a very combative man. But when faced with an unending stream of vile attacks on all that I hold dear, I have no choice but to return fire in the same way. I'm over the top, I know that, but those of us who are fighting the Limbaughs of the world need to fight them in terms they understand.

I deeply respect your views, Zach. Yes, I do hate my enemies, perhaps, and that is my flaw, but the horrible damage they have done to our beloved country makes me so outraged and indignant that I have a hard time controlling myself.

Zach said...

Joe, it is so evident that you care deeply about the issues that affect your life and I respect you a great deal for it, as well as your opinions.

I definitely agree that Republican leaders are opposed to Obama in a big way though, likely because of the long, hard campaign last year (and maybe they have a few regrets?). Let's hope that they do not succeed in "kneecapping" Obama though, I get the feeling that our nations future is resting on our Presidents shoulders and I would hate to see him fail.

Anonymous said...

Zach, I agree with you on your view of Joseph. He is a liberal Limbaugh. I believe that is why I like to read his blog, he is entertaining. But, unlike Limbaugh, Joseph publishes my comments and I do thank him for that. One of the best things about America is the freedom of the press. I may not agree with Joseph on all of his ideas, but we can debate them on an open forumn. Thank you Joseph and keep up the good work. Jospeh I am still looking for the stimulus bill and all of its spending and tax cuts. It is not on the White House website.

Change 2009

Joseph said...

But you see, Anonymous, the difference between Limbaugh's style and mine is simple: he lies through his teeth constantly, and I tell the truth. He's a corrupt hypocrite and I'm an honest man. He's part of the right-wing cancer on America and I'm part of the chemotherapy.