Monday, February 16, 2009

More From the Scumbag Ratzinger Reinstated

Richard Williamson, the Holocaust-denying bastard recently rescued from excommunication by Ratzinger, AKA the Pope, states his opinion on higher education for women:

Alas, women going to university is part of the whole massive onslaught on God's Nature which characterizes our times. That girls should not be in universities flows from the nature of universities and from the nature of girls: true universities are for ideas, ideas are not for true girls, so true universities are not for true girls.

You hear that "girls"? Ideas aren't for you. You're too stupid and fluffy to talk about oh-so-serious men-only things like ideas. Now you go worry your pretty little heads about girl stuff.

My God, what freaking century is this cretin from? Screw him and every other asshole on this planet who thinks women are inferior to men.

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Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

Pretty amazing. I just read this and couldn't believe it. Wow.

The Catholic Church: a beacon of enlightened thinking, yes?