Friday, February 06, 2009

Democrats, DON'T BACK DOWN! Wrap Pigboy Limbaugh Around the Republicans' THROATS!

TPM has the story here. The Fat Assed Drug Addicted Draft Dodger has fans among the right wingers, but as the new Gallup Poll shows, he's MASSIVELY unpopular among everyone else. In fact, Limbaugh HELPS the Democrats. (Oh, and the new Research 2000 poll shows that the Republican Party's favorable/unfavorable ratio has GROWN in the last week to 32/60.) BTW, Gallup shows that support for the stimulus is strong. The conservative spin on this is, of course, a blatant lie, as everything out of the conservative "movement" always is.

Democrats, Independents, progressives everywhere, we need to remind the big media chatterers that the American people are FOR OBAMA AND AGAINST LIMBAUGH. The Republican Party is now led by a far-right wing radical disc jockey from southern Missouri who has NEVER held elective office, NEVER graduated from college, NEVER served in the military, has VIOLATED the drug laws, DODGED THE DRAFT, spews RACIST venom that would make a Klansman proud, and has publicly said he hopes the President fails, regardless of the damage it would do to America. Tie Limbaugh to the Republican program as tightly as possible--and watch both of them crash and burn.

UPDATE: Here's a nice little bio of Pigboy here.


Geneve said...

Take a look, and imagine if someone like John Kerry had said this last week. There'd be calls for him to resign and it'd dominate the news cycle for days. Thoughts?

Joseph said...

Geneve, I can't open the link. Could you send it again?