Saturday, May 10, 2008

Women, Are You Pregnant Because You Were Raped or Victimized by Your Father?

Then John McCain says "too bad." You can't get an abortion. Even if the preganancy might kill you, he will still not make an exception.
Look. I'm generally anti-abortion, too. But to force someone who has undergone a horrible sexual assault to bring the assailant's child to term is perverse. A first trimester abortion, prior to the onset of brain wave activity and sentience, is morally a gray area, and one in which we could say the sooner the better. McCain has simply caved in to far right fanatics on this issue.
By the way, McCain's right-wing buddies ARE TRYING TO OUTLAW BIRTH CONTROL AS WELL. They also think they have the right to dictate the private sexual behavior of adults. These people are Stalinists who seek to regulate the most intimate aspects of human life--and John McCain has thrown his lot in with them whole-heartedly.
You've been warned.

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