Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Psychotic Cretin Michelle Malkin Strikes Again

The pathetic story is here.

The sad things about this?

1. That Dunkin' Donuts actually caved in to this right wing idiot.
2. That the right wing idiot probably thinks she struck a blow against the "Islamofascists".

Really, just when I think conservative pundits couldn't get any stupider or more irrational, they always surprise me. You'd think I'd have learned by now.


Anonymous said...

When I saw the ad, the first thing I thought was, "What is she doing dressing like Yassar Arafat?" If she was wearing a swastika, it would never have aired. Attire and symbols do make a difference in public life, so I understand this dispute.

Joseph said...

My God, you're as big a knucklehead as Malkin. It was a FREAKING SCARF.

Mehal said...

I've noticed that Anonymous likes to post troll-like comments, then run away from the post without responding to rebuttals. Later on, s/he will come back and make a comment on a different post that uses the same arguments s/he used (and were rebutted).

This is not how an argument or debate is supposed to work. You're supposed to at least acknowledge that there is opposition to your point of view and find ways to prove your opposition is wrong, or at least misguided. Instead, Anonymous just shouts the same thing over and over again, hoping that one day the heavens will open up and we'll suddenly think like s/he does.

Anonymous is hardly the only one who does this. I notice this with people who post Creationist propaganda or moon landing conspiracy theories or who insist that the Iraq war is going well and is actually making us safe.

But there's still hope for you Anonymous. Come back here and explain what you are exactly talking about. Do you honestly think that Rachel Ray is an Arafat supporter, or that she somehow is part of an Al Qaeda sleeper cell that is infiltrating our food network? If wearing a scarf with that checker pattern makes someone sympathic to radical Islam, does that make people who were red clothing communists, or people who have brown coats Nazis?

I look forward to a reply.

Joseph said...

Brilliant response, Mehal!