Wednesday, May 21, 2008

McCain Preacher Hagee: God Sent Hitler to "Hunt" the Jews

If this doesn't convince you Hagee is a ranting psychotic, nothing will. And remember, McCain sought Hagee's endorsement for an entire year.

This son of a bitch Hagee is one of the worst people in America. He's also damned dangerous, and he would be a MAJOR influence on McCain. For my money, that's absolutely damning.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming back, I have missed you. Your humor is incredible. I feel sorry for Michelle Obama and her children for being dragged into this election. Now the nastiness will start. I can't wait to read your new spin on the conservative world.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, You should check out this link. Fox news has done a great job of the "Tall Tails of the Election." It is a good read on all three candidates. Could give you some good ammunition for your blog. Enjoy.

Joseph said...

Anonymous 2, it is a measure of my commitment to open dialogue that I am publishing your comment, with a link to Fox "News". Fox is the propaganda wing of the radical Republican Right. They have helped spread every lie about Obama conceivable. Fox has the same relationship to the truth as Pravda did under the old Soviet Union--none.

Anonymous said...

Pravda? Soviet Union? Radical? You need to look in the mirror when it comes to purveyors of lies.

Joseph said...

Anonymous, come out of hiding, get a Blogger account, and debate me straight up. Stop hiding behind your anonymity.

I stand by every word I have said.