Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Next President of the United States, Barack Obama

After a big win in North Carolina and a razor-close finish in Indiana, Obama now has an effectively insurmountable lead for the Democratic nomination. He will be the nominee. I hope that all factions of the Democratic Party, all Independents, and all decent Republicans worried about the course our nation is on will unite to put him in the White House and vastly enlarge the Democratic majorities in Congress so that the business of helping this country recover from the catastrophic effects of eight years of Radical Right-wing government can begin.


Anonymous said...

In your Dreams. America is going to vote along race lines like we saw last night and the Republicans are going to keep the White House.

Zach said...

First, there is no way that the Republicans are going to keep the white house. President Bush's approval ratings are the lowest of any president ever and he has seriously damaged the republicans chance of winning this general election. And while John McCain has had plenty of time to moderate himself as the presumptive candidate, he is fighting an uphill battle to say the least especially since Obama has nearly clinched the democratic nomination.

Second, to Joe: I am a fan of Obama and race does not enter into the equation at all for me, but do you think there is a considerable threat of assassination by some racist bastard if Obama is elected?

Mehal said...


Actually, CNN's exit polls seems to say otherwise. White democrats heavily favored Hillary, but they are Democrats first and white people second so you can expect many to still vote for Obama. Hillary did not win white independents by a larger majority than she won the general election. Thus, there's no reason to think that whites will refuse to vote for Obama.

Joseph said...

Zach, I have great sense of foreboding concerning the danger Barack is in. I was 16 when Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were murdered, and I think it is a realistic concern.

Daedalusx007 said...

To zach: I'm not so sure: McCain needs to paint his age in the system to Obama's lack of it, in the form of experience. Obama needs to take the disasters of Bush and hang them around McCain's neck.

I deeply worry that the Democrats who are by and large not nearly being aggressive enough in ending the NeoCon threat will be unwilling to paint McCain with such a brush.