Thursday, March 06, 2008

Why Does McCain Get a Pass on Bigoted Scumbag Hagee?

Steve Benen wants to know here:

OK, I’ve just about given up. John McCain actively sought the support of an anti-Catholic, anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-woman, and anti-Semitic televangelist, and despite widespread condemnations from a variety of circles, reporters simply won’t cover the story or push McCain for an explanation. As Andrew Sullivan put it, John Hagee is “a white Farrakhan, but the media has essentially given McCain a pass.”

But bloggers continue to gift-wrap this controversy for the media, making it especially easy to cover this story, which they surely would if McCain were a Democrat and Hagee weren’t a conservative white evangelical.

And Matthew Yglesias wants to know here.

McCain and his staff actively sought out Hagee's endorsement, he appeared and campaigned with Hagee, he said he was proud to be backed by Hagee. Hagee is, in short, part of McCain's political strategy. Now he tells us he doesn't agree with Hagee about everything. Well, which things? Are we supposed to believe that McCain's not into the bigotry, or the foreign policy aimed at apocalypse, but just likes Hagee because of their shared opposition to gay marriage? Is McCain going to be courting Osama bin Laden's endorsement? It's reminiscent of McCain's on-again, off-again quest for the support of "agents of intolerance" like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. McCain's trying to wink with one eye to a segment of the electorate, wink with his other eye at his fans in the media, and somehow maintain a reputation for straight talk throughout all this.

Boys and girls, it's simple. The major media--especially NBC's "Big Three" of Tim Russert, Brian Williams, and Chris "Tweety" Matthews are totally and utterly in the tank for McCain. Remember, folks, the phrase "Liberal Media" is right wing bullshit. Large, conservative corporations now control vast areas of our news media, and they want the Democrats to go down again. They always will. This is the reality we're up against.
If a Democrat had actively sought the support of demented scum like Hagee, NBC would be covering it 24/7, and everybody damned well knows it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that I have been away for awhile, but sick with the flu in Wisconsin. What is your take on the Democratic Primary. Will there be a clear winner by the Party Convention. If not, how should one be chosen? I would like your thought please.

Joseph said...

It will all boil down to the superdelegates, I think. Obama has the best mathematical shot. A brokered convention is not out of the question. If that were the case, a compromise candidate might emerge--Gore, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Interesting thought on Gore. I would rather see him in the white house than Obama or Clinton.