Sunday, March 02, 2008

DAMN IT, Stir Up a Firestorm About McCain and Hagee!

John Hagee is one of the most dangerous people in America. Hagee is ACTIVELY trying to bring on his lunatic vision of the Apocalypse, as you can read here in Sarah Posner's outstanding article in AlterNet two years ago. The merest summary of his insanity is terrifying. Hagee advocates a preemptive war with Iran, and is working feverishly to achieve it. Hagee is also one of the crudest, ugliest bigots in America, attacking the Catholic Church as "The Whore", blaming Jews for bringing the Holocaust on themselves because of their ancestors' "disobedience"(!), and declaring that New Orleans was destroyed for planning a Gay Pride parade! Hagee is a horrifying, evil, sick man. And he's warmly endorsed John McCain, after McCain actively solicited Hagee's support.. My question is: what are YOU going to do about it?

We can't just let this die. We progressives have shown many times that when we work as a team, we can get big results. We helped cripple ABC's fairy-tale, anti-Clinton propaganda about 9/11. We helped spread the "Macaca incident" that helped destroy George Allen. We can keep this story rolling, too. The right wingers frame so many things successfully because they grab them and refuse to let go. Well, I say, let's refuse to let go of this. Let's use it as a club to smash McCain every single damned day. McCain is cynically trying to kiss the ass of the worst right wing religious fanatics and lunatics in America while presenting himself as a "maverick", a "moderate", and a "straight shooter." We need to call McCain on this, and do it relentlessly. So far today I've written The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Washington Post, and Meet the Press. But there's a lot more I intend to do. The national press has to HEAR FROM US.

First, here's some background on the whole Hagee record:

Evangelical Right: the John Hagee Archive

Bill Moyers Journal

The Jewish Daily Forward: When We Let John Hagee Speak for Us

A Christian Denunciation of Hagee's Eschatology

Another Outstanding Article by Sarah Posner.

Second, here's a set of links you can use to send your opinions:

Contact MSNBC, Today, Brian Williams, Dateline, and Meet the Press here. (Links are on the page).

Contact any of the CBS News programs here. (Form will allow you to choose various programs.)

Contacts for ABC News programs can be found here.

Contact CNN here.

Contact USA Today here.

Contact The Los Angeles Times here.

Contact PBS here.

Contact The Washington Post here.

Contact The New York Times here.

Contact The Chicago Tribune here.

Please post any other contacts you wish in the comments. Everything will help.

Remember, McCain is trying to have it both ways, sucking up to bigots while soliciting votes from moderates and independents. With the Hagee endorsement, McCain has handed us a powerful weapon to ruin his campaign. We can reveal McCain for the two-faced, double-talking fraud that he is. We can also inflict serious damage on his support from Catholics.

Do you want John Hagee visiting a McCain White House, giving advice to "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" John McCain? If not, let's get to work! There's too much at stake here for you NOT to act.


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