Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Not Just Hagee: McCain's Other Lunatic Friend

Another right wing radical demagogue who supports John McCain is coming under scrutiny: the demented Rod Parsley, who has called for the extermination of Islam as a religion. And no, I'm not exaggerating:
Parsley is not shy about his desire to obliterate Islam. In Silent No More, he notes—approvingly—that Christopher Columbus shared the same goal: "It was to defeat Islam, among other dreams, that Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World in 1492…Columbus dreamed of defeating the armies of Islam with the armies of Europe made mighty by the wealth of the New World. It was this dream that, in part, began America." He urges his readers to realize that a confrontation between Christianity and Islam is unavoidable: "We find now we have no choice. The time has come." And he has bad news: "We may already be losing the battle. As I scan the world, I find that Islam is responsible for more pain, more bloodshed, and more devastation than nearly any other force on earth at this moment."
Yes, folks, the whole point of America is to destroy Islam. Parsley evidently agrees with Osama bin Laden that we need a worldwide religious war between Christianity and Islam.
And John McCain is delighted to have his support.
It's time to ask some hard questions to the Arizona Senator, whether he likes them or not.
(Oh, and if you want deleriously funny delights, Google the following search term: Rod Parsley+UFOs. Heh heh heh.)


Anonymous said...

Personally, I would rather have "Tony" Rezko working for me. Where can you get a loyal campaign financer who can shake down extra money for my campaign. I would also choose to go to a church where my minister hates the US and blasts it from the pulpit every Sunday. I would enjoy his sermons on how "Whites" have no clue on what it is like to be black and how a woman has no right to be "Our" President.

Who has the "Lunatics" in their corner?

Joseph said...

I congratulate you on a your post. Every statement in it is a misrepresentation, exaggeration, or outright falsehood. Good job.

Muslims Against Sharia said...

Muslims Against Sharia call on Senators McCain and Obama to cut all ties with their racist, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic supporters.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Explain to me my misrepresentation, exaggeration or outright falsehood. I have 250,000 exaggerations about Rezko and a great YouTube video of Obama's "Former" Pastor.

Joseph said...

Anonymous, first off I'd appreciate it if you got a Blogger account so we could address each other by name.

Second, both The Chicago Tribune and The Chicago Sun-Times are convinced Obama did NOTHING wrong in the so-called Rezko matter. When I think of the gigantic bribes conservative Republicans have taken from every corporate interest out there, I almost have to laugh at these pathetic attempts to stir up a "scandal" around Obama and Rezko.

How many times does Obama have to disavow Wright's more controversial statements? What will satisfy you, exactly? Nothing, I would guess. And again, I repeat: McCain's association with powerful, influential, WHITE lunatics like John Hagee and Rod Parsley is a thousand times more dangerous and disturbing.

Wright is filled with anger at the injustices blacks have faced. Maybe YOU need to ask yourself: why do blacks vote 90%+ Democratic? I think it's because they know conservatives basically hate them, and it doesn't take very long in any situation to see this. Isn't it convenient that Obama is attacked for the fact that his pastor pours out bitterness, when in fact right wing preachers denounce America EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY for its "immorality" and tolerance of "sin". America is called the new Sodom and Gomorrah, and nobody bats an eyelash. This whole attempt to destroy Obama through association with Wright stinks of racist double-standardism.