Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The True Voice of the Conservatives

Sometimes they really let their guard down and tell you exactly what they think. I took this post verbatim and in full. See what you think:

Deadly Ricin Poison Found In Vegas Hotel

Could this be used to clean out the trash candidates we have in our Presidential Campaign this year?

Ricin poison is easy to make from castor beans. Castor beans are legal to buy, can be gotten throughout the country or via the internet. Even more interesting is that the internet is full of "how-to" information explaining how to cook the husks of castor beans into this poison, but if you inhale it while you're making it, you're dead!Since as little as 500 micrograms of ricin can kill an adult, I wonder if smearing some on a glove then shaking hands with. . . . . . Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton or John McCain. . . . would have some effect? Probably not. But I wonder if loading some in a straw equipped with a one-way valve at one end to protect the user, would allow ricin powder to be blown in the direction of a candidate for inhalation? HMMMMMMM. It's a good thing that I obey the law and have no intention of doing something like this personally!

I bet there are folks out there, however, who might agree with me that the political choices we have this year warrant dramatic action to save our republic. After all, do we really want a mixed-race, mongrel negro, half-breed in the most powerful political office on the planet? I can see it now, Barak Obama doing for America what Robert Mugabe did for Zimbabwe. . . . or what Nelson Mandella did for South Africa. . . . skyrocketing crime, disease and a collapsed economy. No thanks.

How about Hillary Clinton -- who is so pathetic, she couldn't even stop her husband from getting blow jobs in the Oval Office! Yea, she'd make a great leader. NOT!

Then we have John McCain, who allegedly betrayed his fellow Vietnam vets while they were in a P O W camp during the war. McCain allegedly got medical care that his fellow troops did not; allegedly got good food that his fellow prisoners never got and who, just last year, voted to give away our country by offering a sort of Amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens here. No thanks.

Yes, I see good reason for the political candidates this year to be gotten rid of and from my viewpoint, ricin could be used by some nefarious person to accomplish that. It's the type of weapon that Secret Service cannot protect anyone from. What are they gonna do, check everyone for straws as they enter a campaign venue? And once the poison is delivered, there is no treatment and no cure. Death is 100% guaranteed.

Hal Turner is a good buddy of Sean Hannity, the greasy little punk who spreads right-wing propaganda on Fox "News". Little Seany Boy has said nothing about any of this. If this post by Turner isn't an incitement to violence--and thus NOT protected as free speech--then I'm not sure what qualifies as incitement. It's putting the suggestion into the head of some right-wing cretin out there to go ahead and be a "hero".

This is the reality of life in America now. Deal with it. And if Barack Obama--"a mixed-race, mongrel negro, half-breed" as this piece of racist filth so charmingly puts it--is indeed made a target, you'll know who to look to.
[Thanks to Davefromqueens and poster State Department for this.]


Lance Ehlers said...

Maybe we should test the plan on Hal first to double-check that 100% guarantee.

Lance Ehlers said...

Turner's post is effectively a challenge to his audience to get off their asses and assassinate the candidates. I've reported it to the Department of Homeland Security.

Here's a direct link to their contact form.