Tuesday, March 11, 2008

McCain: Screwing American Workers to Help Out His Lobbyist Pals

Check out this highly revealing post about Mr. Straight Talk and Airbus:

The Boeing deal would have supported 44,000 new and existing jobs across 40 states -- jobs that will be shipped to Europe and elsewhere as a results of the tag-team combination of McCain in the Senate and McCain's lobbyists pals on K Street. At a time when the economy appears to be faltering and America faces tepid job growth -- or even job losses -- it's not clear to me that the American public is clamoring for someone who is so tone deaf about employment issues.

McCain can, and likely will, try to spin this as an example of his reformist ways. But looking at all of the details, it's becoming ever more clear that McCain's interest is not as much in reform as it is whatever is in the best interest of his lobbyist supporters and pals.

Read the whole thing and tell me again about McCain's "integrity".

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Anonymous said...

I was against the deal going to Airbus because I own Boeing Stock. But to say that McCain threw the project to Airbus is ludacris. Airbus' plane was far superior on all the specs. For a Democratic follower who complains about military spending, I thought that you would want the best product for your money. I am losing respect for you Joseph.