Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Proposed Constitutional Amendment

I call Sections One and Four the "Screw Antonin Scalia" provisions. I call Section Two the "Screw the Big Business contributors to the Republicans" provision. I call Section Three a peace offering to the white working class males who have come to mistrust us. I call Section Five a way to scald the Republicans in Washington.

Amendment 28

Section One. The United States Government and all states and localities within the United States hereby recognize the right of the citizens of the United States to privacy in their homes, personal behavior, papers, personal business transactions, and all activities not explicitly deemed public or subject to public law.

Section Two. No corporation shall have the legal status of a private citizen in law or equity anywhere in the United States.

Section Three. The right to bear arms shall be considered as a private individual right and not exclusively as a collective right.

Section Four. The individual voters of the United States shall all be considered legal electors in all federal, state, and local elections.

Section Five. The Social Security Administration and all its successors shall be financed exclusively through taxes and government financial instruments. Its funds shall not be invested in any private financial market.

So what do you think? Hey, I know it won't pass through the Republican Congress. But let's see them stand up and publicly oppose it.

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Anja Maria said...

I really like Sections One, Two, and Five.

I'm not entirely sure I understand Section Three...

And Section Four would be scrapping the electoral college, yes? That's an excellent idea, long overdue. Every American has the information at his or her disposal to judge political candidates. We don't need representative electors.

I think the voting rate would probably increase, too, if we did away with the electoral college. People would feel like their individual votes actually mattered, even if they were blue in a red state or vice versa.