Saturday, October 01, 2005

Member of DeLay Grand Jury: The Evidence is There

A member of the Texas grand jury that indicted top Republican criminal Tom DeLay says the evidence against him is strong and voluminous. He also emphasizes that prosecutor Ronnie Earle isn't doing this as a political witch hunt. The key passages:

Grand jurors were presented a load of evidence, including testimony and phone records, that led them to believe Rep. Tom DeLay should be tried on a conspiracy charge, the leader of the Travis County grand jury that indicted the congressman said Friday.

"It was not one of those sugarcoated deals that we handed to [District Attorney] Ronnie Earle," William M. Gibson said.

He added: "Mr. Earle has stacks and stacks of papers – evidence of telephone calls from Mr. DeLay and everybody."

In other words, every Republican slime machine talking point vomiting forth from the likes of Hannity is a lie, pure and simple.

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