Saturday, October 29, 2005

Bush's Lack of Character Was the Key Warning of Impending Disaster

A deeply insightful article by Jack Beatty in The Atlantic Monthly tells us in plain language that we should have seen Bush's disastrous presidency coming. It wasn't so much in his policy proposals. It was in his life story, which is one of repeated failure and an obsession with his father. Key graphs:

Failure—repeated, significant, pregnant with disaster—shouts beware from Bush's life. A reservist pilot who failed to report for duty, a failed politician, a serial failure in business until his dad, then vice president, intervened with the commissioner of baseball to get him taken in as a "partner" in the Texas Rangers, "W" misplayed winning hands and fumbled golden opportunities.

And those words fit his post-9/11 actions as well. A winning hand—the country's support for the war in Afghanistan. A golden opportunity—the world's sympathy for the U.S. and cooperation in the "war on terror." Lost, fumbled, trashed. Forty-two percent in one poll believe he will rank "below average" in the future's presidential ratings, twice the percentage who believe he will rank "above average." Bush finally holds a job from which he can't fail up.

Go and check it out.

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