Friday, October 07, 2005

Catholic Hierarchy: Not All of the Bible is Literally True

The leadership of the Catholic Church in Britain has told its flock that not every word of the Bible can be taken in its literal sense. This is a refreshing dose of sanity at a time when the majority of Americans think that creationism should be taught in the public schools, or even that creationism should wholly supplant the teaching of evolution. The religious fervor and scientific illiteracy that drives so many Americans makes me shudder; it's good to see Britain's Catholics come down on the side of reason.


Anonymous said...

The majority of Americans believe in creationism and that we didn't come from life evolving through genetic mutation.

I wonder how these same people react when they hear doctors and epidemiologists using the same words in describing the potential of a pandemic disaster resulting from avian flu viruses "evolving" into a very dangerous form through "genetic mutation".

With the anti-evolutionists logic, a panademic can not happen since the words "evolve" and "genetic mutation" in their conservative, science-free religion.

Actually, in this case I hope a 1918-style flu pandemic is impossible, but logic and science say something else.

Joseph said...

Well said.