Monday, October 10, 2005

Louis Freeh: Pathological Liar and Incompetent

In light of the fact that former FBI chief Louis Freeh (a hard-core Republican, despite having been appointed by Bill Clinton) has been spewing falsehoods about Clinton on 60 Minutes, I thought you'd be interested in seeing these items:

From American Politics Journal.

From the Washington Post.

I'll ask it again, Louis buddy. How many FBI agents did you have working on investigating the Clinton Administration? How many did you have working on Osama bin Laden? How much time did you have the FBI spend on the Whitewater "Scandal"? How much did you have it spend investigating Al Qaeda?

Freeh is an object lesson: Never appoint a Republican and a Bush loyalist to office in an effort to be "even-handed". You'll have excrement thrown in your face for your troubles.

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