Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Obama "Not Knowing His Place" Matters So Much

This wonderful, brutally honest piece by Paul Jenkins in Huffington is right on the money in every way. Obama is being scrutinized so closely because he "hasn't waited his turn" and he is "challenging his elders". Jenkins points out how urgent the need to challenge those elders really is. It's wonderfully acerbic in its observations of how the candidates' wives are being viewed as well:

Obama's partner in elitism, his wife Michelle, is in extreme tongue-biting mode. This is a shame, but it is inevitable, as she too is under the kind of scrutiny that would make Cindy McCain's face melt back into some approximation of reality. It is widely understood that Obama is more deserving of close examination than McCain because she is more actively involved in her husband's campaign than Cindy is. This of course is a lie: McCain has campaigned extensively for her husband and, were it not for her family fortune and her private jet, he wouldn't even have come close to being nominated. The truth is that Obama is expected to play a certain role: strong, angry, overbearing, and every one of her statements is demeaningly parsed in that light. If every word uttered by McCain were analyzed and reported to fit the stereotype of the rich, spoilt, husband-stealing white woman that she is, all would be fair. But instead, we get adoring glances, little examination of her actual role and an occasional hiccup about Michelle Obama's lack of patriotism

Heh heh heh. Read the whole thing. And be glad that Barack Obama doesn't know his "place".

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