Monday, July 14, 2008

Again: McCain the All-Time Flip Flopper

Davefromqueens has the list here. The overview is startling. McCain has changed his positions on all the following issues:

Privatizing Social Security, Iraq Troop Withdrawal, Tax Cuts, Judges, Torture, Negotiating With Hamas, Bush Third Term, Agents Of Intolerance, 527s, Gramm's Whiner Comments, Economic Expertise, Illegal Wiretapping, Habeas Corpus, Everglades Restoration, Gay Couple Legal Contracts, GI Bill, Military Service Exploitation, Roe v. Wade, States Rights On Abortion, ANWR, Offshore Drilling, Role of States in Drilling, MLK Holiday, Windfall Profits Tax, Filibustering of Judges, Confederate Flag, Civil Unions, Constitutional Ban On Gay Marriage, Yucca Mountain, Undue Lobbyist Influence, Abortion Exceptions, Defense Cuts, Waterboarding , Mandatory Caps, Citizenship for Immigrants, Flying the Confederate Flag, Bush Tax Policies, South African Divestment, Alternative Minimum Tax, Estate Tax Repeal, North Korea Negotiations, Iraq + Stay The Course, Creationism, Time of Offshore Drilling, Campaign Finance Reform, Immigration Act, Fidel Castro, Pakistan, Bush's Pioneers, Occupying Muslim Lands, Russia, Law of the Sea Treaty, Ease of Iraq Conflict, Withdrawal from Iraq, NRA Influence, Arizona earmarks, ethanol, Balanced Budgets, Economic Times, Litmus Tests, Hagee, Wyly Brothers, Grover Norquist, Syria, Global Warming, Cigarette Taxes, Katrina Investigations, Surrogates, Equal Pay For Women.

But other than that, he's been perfectly consistent!

McCain is RAVENOUS for power and will say or do ANYTHING to win. Maybe some people trust a person like that, but I don't--and I hope you don't either.

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