Sunday, July 27, 2008

Help Me Raise $10,000 for Obama

John McCain is getting millions of dollars of unpaid media support, especially from ABC News, Fox "News", and all of his other fans in the corporate media. The Republicans are going to throw about $400,000,000 at Obama as well. The primary battle with Hillary soaked up a lot of Obama's contributions. He needs YOUR HELP! I urge you, my dear friends, to contribute to Obama via my personal contributions page right here. I really do need to feel a part of this great fight to help save America from the disaster of four more years of radical right-wing government. Please give whatever you can. I thank you, and America's Future will thank you as well.


Anonymous said...

I give my money to good causes, not an actor playing a presidential candidate. People who are homeless and can not feed their families need my money not a blowhard who will do nothing when he moves up in government. Lets focus money giving where it belongs, with people who need it.

Joseph said...

This nation's economic distress is overwhelmingly the fault of conservatives. If you really wanted to help the hungry and the homeless, you'd help us toss the right wingers out of office and elect someone who will help the poor. And again, please get a Blogger account so we can each know the name of the other person in the dialogue.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ that it is the conservatives fault for the economic distress in America. It was caused by Greenspan. If we got rid of welfare and relied on private donors, America would be in a better place. Obama has no ecomomic plan that will help Americans. His proposed tax plan will actually raise taxes, sorry you may think that it won't but we will all be hurt by it.

Joseph said...

Greenspan, a loyal Republican, was deliberately inflating the housing bubble starting in 2001. The deregulation that allowed the integration of banks, brokerages, and insurance companies (and which has allowed for the catastrophic financial crisis in which we find ourselves) was pushed by then-Senator Phil Gramm, (R-TX). Gramm is still a key advisor to McCain. The Bush-Cheney budget and taxation policies have added more than $4 TRILLION to the national debt since 2001, a massive tax on our children and grandchildren. We went from a budget surplus in 2000 to almost a $500 billion deficit today, and the cost of the wars IS NOT INCLUDED in these calculations. How, exactly, are conservatives NOT responsible for this disaster? Further, corporate subsidies and tax breaks are far greater than any welfare program. And BTW, McCain's own tax advisor now ADMITS that Obama's program will not raise taxes on the middle class. An independent analysis of the two competing tax programs shows that McCain's tax breaks will go overwhelmingly to the upper classes and will blow an even bigger hole in the deficit.

Anonymous said...

Gramm has left McCain's Campaign.
There was no Budget surplus in
2000. The Clinton Administration was not counting the payouts to Social Security in the budget. Finally, with giving tax breaks to corporations allows them to hire more Americans to work in America. Sorry to point out that your arguments are wrong.

Joseph said...

And I'm sorry to tell YOU that you don't know what you're talking about.

1. Gramm is still "unofficially" advising McCain.

2. Social Security was drawing a surplus in 2000.

3. People are BRUTALLY in debt now and the true unemployment rate is concealed. There is a REPUBLICAN SPONSORED TAX BREAK for companies that outsource jobs.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Aww...I was hoping anonymous would come back.

I was going to point out that in the first post, Anonymous says that he would donate to homeless families. Then in the third post, he says that we should get rid of welfare.

Cognitive dissonance makes me twitch.