Monday, July 07, 2008

Donate to Obama--He Needs It!

Don't believe the stories you're hearing about Obama having unlimited $ to take on Media Darling, He-Who-Can-Do-No-Wrong St. John McCain (Let us now all genuflect). McCain is blatantly cheating, blatantly breaking the campaign laws by illegally coordinating his campaign with the Republican National Committee and "independent" 527s. It's the same crap Bush pulled in 2004. The right-wingers spit on the rules, basically, and they are raising megabucks for McBush--er, I mean McCain. The prolonged primary fight with Hillary really tapped Obama out. He needs YOUR help.

Here's where to help! (This is my PERSONAL Obama fund raising page.)

Pass it along!!


Lance Ehlers said...

I'll do this, but I got to say that he fucked up with the FISA vote, and by doing so, he diminished the enthusiasm I felt for him. It's a major issue, and he's done a shitty job of defending his vote-- I can't even find a mention of it on his site. Definitely a load of horse shit.

Joseph said...

I, too was disappointed on FISA, but if Obama is elected, it will be revisited. Obama has denied the Republicans a powerful meme to use against him. The decision was a sorry one, but politically explicable.