Monday, November 05, 2007

Still Think the Right Can Be Talked To?

Then read this piece here. Make sure you read the story in the large blue box that comprises the bulk of the post.

I'm a peaceful person, but right now I'd like to cave in the heads of the fucking bastards that pulled this bullshit.

REPEAT: The radical right/Bush worshipping/Free Republic scum CANNOT be negotiated with. They can only be utterly defeated and politically destroyed.



Anonymous said...

I think that you are getting "Island Fever." I have lost respect in you Joseph for swearing in your blog. This posting sounds too far fetch for even you. I will be sounding off for awhile. You have lost a loyal supporter.

Joseph said...

Sometimes I am driven to profanity at the brutality and barbarism of the Right in this country, The story is evidently true--these goons and thugs managed to delay desperately needed treatment to someone dying of pancreatic cancer. In a sense, the situation was far more obscene than I could ever be.