Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Most Astonishing Lie Yet from Rove: CONGRESS Forced BUSH Into War

You wonder sometimes if there's anything this son of a bitch WON'T say, and then you see something like this. You then realize that the answer is no, Karl Rove will utter absolutely any lie to further the cause of the Radical Right.
Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Will these people ever take responsibility for anything? Don't be a fool. They're far-right conservatives. They blather on about "personal responsibility" but they don't actually believe in any of that crap. Everything has to be blamed on everybody else.
Will Rove be allowed to get away with this horseshit? Of course. He just got a regular column in Newsweek to "balance" Kos and he's got tons of friends in the Beltway Media Whorehouse, so yeah, he'll get away with it.
And our country moves another step closer to its death.

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Anonymous said...

This entire Bush thing wouldn't be quite so bad if they would just admit they were fuck-ups. Everytime this happens I feel insulted cause I can see exactly what really happened.

M. N. Wirth