Monday, November 26, 2007

Giuliani: My Financial Affairs Are None of Your Damn Business

Remember when the Radical Right was obsessed with investigating Bill and Hillary Clinton's business affairs? The Wall Street Journal's editorial goons were so insanely obsessed with the so-called "Whitewater Scandal" that they published the equivalent of several VOLUMES about it, even though, as Right Wing Henchman Kenneth Starr later admitted, there was absolutely NOTHING to it. How much you want to bet the Journal devotes similar attention to this?

Every time reporters press Giuliani on his work with Giuliani Partners, his booming consultancy (Guiliani took home $4.1 million last year and his stake is worth anywhere from $5 million to $25 million), he's got the same answer: I'm not telling, but you should ask the firm. Then the reporter diligently calls over to Giuliani Partners to get the brush-off from its spokeswoman. That's what happened to The Wall Street Journal when the paper had questions about the firm's contract with Qatar. The Chicago Tribune got the same treatment when it asked about the firm's work for a developer's casino resort in Singapore.

When the AP asked him in an interview earlier this month if he'd disclose his client list, he responded that the business was "totally legal, totally ethical," "very ethical and law-abiding" and that there's "nothing for me to explain about it. We've acted honorably, decently." It was unfair to even ask, he said, employing the deft logic that since no one has found anything wrong, people shouldn't even ask the question...

Translation: Buzz off with your questions. You can trust me because I say so. The Journal was brushed off, as you saw. Will they press the matter Whitewater Style? Gee, I wonder.

The sad thing is that most of the MSM will simple let Benito Jr. get away with this crap. Don't want to make him mad, after all.
(BTW, make sure you click the link above to the Chicago Tribune article. It's very strong--and troubling.)

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