Monday, November 05, 2007

The American People Are Finally Getting the Idea

They've figured out that SEVENTY PER CENT of the entire national debt accumulated since 1789 was piled up under just THREE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS--two of them named BUSH.

They've figured out that under the two oilmen who seized power in 2000, the price of a barrel of oil has gone up FIVE HUNDRED PER CENT.

They've figured out that no real reform of the broken health care system will happen with the Republicans.

They've figured out that our "prosperity" is built on the sand of cheap credit, debt, and excessive borrowing--and that now the bills are coming due.

Democrats, SEIZE THE MOMENT. Restore our country's faith in itself and build our well-being on solid ground. Do that and you will govern for most of the rest of this century.


Anonymous said...

JMR do you have a reference for that 70% total debt being accumulated under only 3 presidents (I assume other than the Bushes, the other is Reagan)?


Joseph said...

Bob--Try these out.

Hope these are helpful. Joe