Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rudy Giuliani's Pathetic 9/11 Lies

This son of a bitch has been exploiting the 9/11 atrocity for his own benefit for six years. He shamelessly and ruthlessly campaigns on the corpses of the World Trade Center's victims. Now, he brazenly declares that he is an "expert" on terrorism. The Village Voice responds with a thunderous, "Like hell you are." This exhaustively researched article nails Giuliani's lies in a devastating manner.

At every turn Giuliani has been untruthful. In every way he has grossly exaggerated his anti-terrorism credentials. And remember, it was "Rudy" who insisted on putting the emergency command center for New York City in the WTC--against the advice of his own experts. Giuliani's incompetence helped cause the deaths of more than 100 firefighters at the WTC, because they had to deal with inadequate communication gear--gear Giuliani had failed to upgrade. (Maybe that's why the heroic firefighters hate him and are working against him so passionately.)
Giuliani is just another Republican fraud trying to pass himself off as a hero. He is nothing of the kind. He's a ghoul who is using the dead to push his wretched political career. Learn the facts, and then remind yourself what a bloody disaster this bastard would be as president.
Want a third term for Bush? Elect Giuliani.

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