Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Radical Right Now Wants to Ban Birth Control

Yes, you read that right. They particularly want to ban the birth control pill and all emergemcy contraception. Read about it here.

For now, the candidates vying for the Right to Life endorsement are doing their best to avoid directly answering mainstream voters' simple questions on the subject, such as, "Do you support couples having access to safe and effective birth control options, including emergency contraception?" Considering that even 80 percent of self-described "pro-life" voters and a majority of Republican voters strongly support contraception, it's no wonder why.

These people are amazing. They hate abortion and so they want to ban contraception, which will prevent abortions. They ludicrously claim birth control is a form of abortion. They also seem to think it's their right to impose their so-called "morals" on the private lives of everyone in America.

We need to flush out the rightwing Republicans on this. Make them tell the adult population of America--and especially women--that they have no reproductive rights at all. Make the Republicans say it over and over again. Make them highlight it in their platform and at their convention.

And then watch them lose by even more than they were going to anyway.


Anonymous said...

I believe that only people who can afford children should be allowed to have children. We could eliminate the welfare system and use that money to offer free college to the children of America. Birth Control would be mandatory of all people who can not support a family. Think of the Billions the government would save that could be spent on helping the education of America.

Joseph said...

"Allowed" to have children? I hope we haven't reached Chinese levels of govt. control yet. People SHOULD only have as many kids as they can afford. Reproductive choice must be left to individuals.