Monday, August 13, 2007

I Can't Say It Any Better Than This

Jim Moore, writing in Huffington, has a devastating piece today on the pile of treasonous slime that goes by the name of Karl Rove. Rove, as you may already know, has resigned from his position in the White House. Moore is the most tireless chronicler of Rove's vile career, a career which has had effects on the health of our political system that can only be called disastrous. Moore swings the hammer against Rove hard:
Rove's great mind might have been put to great use. Instead, he has decided to view as an enemy any fellow citizen who doesn't think like him and his party. All of the institutions of our government, like our judicial system, which used to be considered politically sacrosanct, have now been polluted by his political ambitions. Changes in environmental regulations allowing the clear-cutting of forests have been renamed The Healthy Forests Initiative while deregulation of factories discharging dangerous particulates into the air has taken on the Roverian brand of The Blue Skies Initiative. He hides our own complicity in his disgusting work through the manipulation of language and we are comforted and less resistant. We all ought to be ashamed; not just Karl.

People wonder what his future will be and I'd like to think there will be a moment of atonement for Karl but he has not shown a shadow of conscience. He will command great fees for public speaking and is likely to be on retainers to dozens of corporations seeking his influence and insights. Of course, he will write a book and offer his perspective on the Bush administration; he cannot stop himself from spinning. I, however, still believe in the truth and its survivability and am confident history will condemn Rove and view him as a man who divided his own country to win and cared not a scintilla about the consequences of his actions beyond political victory. I have been accused for more than 25 years of overstating Karl's importance and his influence but I am certain history will judge him the most profoundly disturbing political force our country has seen in almost 100 years.

Amen to that! In the third item I ever posted on this blog, in June 2005, I asserted that Rove was a cancer on the American political system. (There is still an active link in that post, by the way, to an article from The Atlantic on Rove's despicable career. I urge you to read it.) Karl Rove is the worst person in American politics, in my view, and that's saying something when you think about a political system that has vomited forth Bush, Cheney, and all of their lying right wing sycophants. He is the nerve center of all of it. He is a pathological liar, a sweating, pudgy, amoral little pimp for whom our nation's traditions and laws are little more than toilet paper. May the Democratic Congress have the guts and spine to keep investigating him. May he be prosecuted and convicted. And may he end up rotting in a federal penitentiary, like any other traitor.

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