Saturday, August 25, 2007

Piece of Human Excrement Nugent Threatens Democratic Candidates

Can you IMAGINE the uproar that would result if a Democratic entertainer said something like this? (And listen to the audience reaction. That's the most disgusting part, and it shows what of kind of repulsive assholes think Nugent is cool.)

The monstrous double standard in American society still stands: Democrats get crucified as "traitors" for merely criticizing Dear Leader; Republicans get to make death threats against Democratic leaders, and escape scot-free.

Nugent, by the way, is not a fringe figure in right-wing circles. He appears on Fox "News" and this summer got a guest editorial on the Wall Steeet Journal's insane asylum of an op-ed page. He also appeared at Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry's inauguration. Additionally, he is a friend of George W. Bush. All of the people who give him prominence and recognition should be made to answer for this scumbag imbecile and his vile threats.
By the way, check out my recent post about Nugent here.
Ted Nugent, draft dodger, woman-hater, racist, machine gun worshiper: Proud Spokes"man" for the Republican Party.
Poor guy. It must be tough when even Viagra doesn't help any more.

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