Friday, August 10, 2007

Egad, I Love Charles Pierce's Writing

He's got a wonderful letter in Alterman today, great even by his formidable standards. You can read it all here. Highlights:

Note to Keith Olbermann: You know I love you madly, and John Gibson [of Fox "News"] is indeed a pompadoured hack with a grin like a Gaboon viper, but giving an autographed photo to a political organization so said organization can raise money off it really is a very big no-no for a newsperson.


In short, and I know that I'm taking a big chance in saying this, but Mitt Romney is without question the biggest and most obvious fake ever to attain public office, and that includes Jesse Ventura and Caligula's horse. The larger point is that, to win the nomination of the clown college that is the modern Republican Party, he almost has to be. Why this is the case, it would seem to me, is worth a few minutes on our television chat shows, which seem now endlessly devoted to the topic: The Democrats -- What In Hell Is Wrong With Them, Anyway? There's a really big fish in a really small barrel over here, kids.
Gawd, I just love it!

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