Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sam Brownback: The Most Dangerous Fanatic in the U.S. Senate

Senator Sam Brownback (Republican--what else?--from Kansas) envisions a United States governed by the most conservative, authoritarian version of Christianity possible, a nation governed by the "Bible" in much the way that Muslim lunatics demand their countries be governed by Sharia, or Koranic law. Brownback wants all abortion outlawed, of course, even if a woman was impregnated by a rapist who tortured her or by her own father. But also he wants to see to it that fundamentalist Christians (he is an ultraconservative Opus Dei Catholic) force their religion on everyone else, reserving for themselves rights no other faith would have. He thinks homosexuality should be a criminal offense, he wants the "secular" public school system abolished, he wants Social Security abolished, he wants all women to work only in the home and be subordinated to men, and in general he favors what I can only call a right wing religious dictatorship--a theocracy. Naturally, the lunatic Religious Right wants him to be president. You can read all about this horrifying fanatic here, courtesy of Rolling Stone.
Brownback and his followers MUST be stopped. If they attempt to seize power and impose their agenda on America, it will trigger a Second American Civil War.
Count on it. And guess which side I'll be on.

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