Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Last Bastion Falls

Bush has banked his success in American politics on his perceived "strength" in dealing with terrorism. It was always a lie. Bush is the most incompetent clown imaginable when it comes to fighting terrorists. Now, the U.S. public seems to be catching up, as this latest L.A. Times poll demonstrates. It seems a majority is no longer deceived into thinking that Bush is "protecting" anything more than his own miserable ass and the financial interests of his friends and supporters. This was the last issue on which the Republicans led the Democrats in public opinion. Now it seems to be collapsing.
It's clear why Osama Bin Laden released a video statement in the latter part of the 2004 campaign. Bin Laden knew it would benefit Bush, the candidate he passionately wanted to see re-"elected". Bush is a dream come true for Bin Laden, an American leader so misguided, so incompetent, and so ignorant of his enemies that he represents an asset in and of himself to worldwide terrorism. From ignoring repeated intelligence warnings about 9/11 to authorizing torture against Muslim suspects to embracing the UAE as a partner in "fighting" terrorism, Bush has done more to undermine this nation's security than any other president in American history. Bush is a disaster of the first magnitude. That's why Bin Laden loves him, and why the American people may--finally--be turning against Bush on this issue.

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