Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Republicans: Party of Religious Fanaticism

As part of the radical rightwing goal of destroying everything our country is founded on, Far-right Republican Mike Huckabee of Arkansas has sought the backing of a group claiming it wants to "Reclaim America for Christ". (Funny, since the majority of Americans are already Christians. What's to "reclaim"?) Georgia10 on DKos has the scoop:
This weekend, Huckabee spoke at a conference for the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ. The Center's mission is to "To inform, equip, motivate, and support Christians; enabling them to defend and implement the Biblical principles on which our country was founded." The five goals Huckabee aligned himself with are described as the "five key fronts of the modern-day culture war: (1) Religious Liberties, (2) the Sanctity of Life, (3) the Homosexual Agenda, (4) Pornography, and (5) Promoting Creationism." Huckabee made it clear at the group's conference that he shares their goal of dismantling the constitutional wall between church and state.
Translation of the Center's five goals: 1. Ram fundamentalist Protestantism down everyone's throats. 2. Interfere with the reproductive rights of every woman in America. 3. Persecute the faggots. 4. Tell adults what they can and cannot look at. 5. Teach fairy tales and mythology in school instead of science.
Our country was founded on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Our public officials swear to uphold the Constitution--NOT THE BIBLE. The Republican goal is simple: destroy our republic and replace it with a theocracy. A kind of collective insanity is gripping the lunatic right--the lunatic right that controls the Republican Party from top to bottom. For the sake of our country's future, these people must be stopped. As for me, I will fight them to my dying day.
Because, you see, if they succeed in destroying America, it will not have been my fault.

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The Commie said...

Hey Jow hope things are well. I just pre-ordered this book from and I thought you might like it. I read a review of Kevin Phillips' "American Theocracy" and it sounds like a real gem. Fits along with what your post was. Here is the link:
Take Care, keep fighting the good fight.