Monday, February 13, 2006

The Republican Radicals Hate Reason, Hate Scientific Truth, Hate Any Dissent

Kevin Drum has been on fire lately on the issue of the Republican war on science. The Republicans are now led by fanatics determined to crush all scientific opinions that contradict the lunatic Right's fondest beliefs and mythology. Go check Drum's post out. (The links are great, too.)
Stalin tried to outlaw genetics. Hitler tried to outlaw the teaching of relativity. Fanatical religious fundamentalists are trying to kill evolution. It ain't gonna work. REALITY IS WHAT IT IS. I feel as if I've said this a million times in my life. OK, I'll make it a million and one: there is no such thing as "Marxist" science. There is no such thing as "National Socialist" science. There is no such thing as "creation" science. There is just science.
In the name of sanity, we MUST win this fight.

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Red Russian said...

Interesting. I almost agree with you. However, you would be more accurate if you said that RADICALS hate reason, scientific truth, and dissent. Radicals from one wing of the political eagle are not the threat, radicals from both wings are. They are both bad. A for instance concerning liberal "hate" of scientific truth: radical Democrats would never believe any scientific truth which allegedly disproved global warming.