Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Arianna Rips Hannity and Coulter New Ones

The hilarious details are here. Sean Hannity is a two-bit lying punk, a loud mouth weasel who doesn't deserve a job panhandling, much less helping to conduct our nation's political dialogue. He's due for a fall, and I'll do anything I can to help bring it about.

I've got another question as well: how in the hell did Rush Limbaugh (draft dodger, drug addict), Ann Coulter (alleged anorexic, alleged cocaine user, alleged prominent New York slutbag), Sean Hannity (no military service, no distinct public record of any kind), and Bill O'Reilly (loud mouthed show biz reporter and sexual harasser) come to be the ones who get to determine who is or is not a "real" American? I'm ashamed and embarrassed to acknowledge these idiots as my fellow countrymen. They give the proud title "American" a bad name. They think I'm a traitor for being a Democrat and a fierce critic of the Boy King, AKA the Worst President in American History? To hell with them. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I wear their condemnation like a badge of honor.

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