Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bush: Screw the Veterans, Screw the Active Military

Among the many preposterous myths that the radical right has spread over the years is the one that claims Republicans are "pro-military". Ha! That's a laugh, albeit a bitter one. If the conservatives were so damned pro-military, you'd think they would have been more eager to be a part of it. (Check out this wonderful site that lists every prominent rightwing fraud, liar, hypocrite, and chickenhawk.) Now, thanks to georgia10 at DKos, we have further proof that Bush's pro-military rhetoric is yet another lie. Check out georgia's devastating story about the lousy pay hikes, faulty body armor, and reduction in veterans' health benefits being pushed by our "pro-military" Republicans in Washington. Key section:
The military's health care program, TRICARE, supports some 9.2 million beneficiaries. Veterans from wars too soon forgotten depend on the program. From military families who have buried their husbands or wives, to those who dread a call in the middle of the night about those who currently serve, the program is designed to take care of those families--our families. First, Bush's plan would eventually cause some 600,000 retirees to be dropped from the military's healthcare program. Bush's budget also makes across-the-board premium increases to TRICARE retirees under the age of 65. Veterans will see an increase of 41% for single or family coverage within two years; senior enlisted and officer retirees will see increases of up to 204%. By 2009, healthcare premiums for our veterans will TRIPLE. (See PDF of TRICARE fee increases here).
If this doesn't make your blood boil, I don't know what will.
VETERANS AND CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES: Vote for the people who REALLY support you. Vote for the people who REALLY honor your service. Vote for the people who are REALLY pro-military. VOTE DEMOCRATIC!


Red Russian said...

No. Both sides merely use the military as political pawns. They offer only token support. Your democrats no more support my brothers and sisters than do the republicans. It is a farce. "Everyone" supports the military because they're too afraid to appear to the public as NOT supporting the military. It's funny to me how all these dems want to bring them home. How is that supporting the troops? They are warriors! Not children that need protecting. Give us the proper equipment and send us to do our jobs, and that my friend, is destroying the enemy before he destroys us. Supporting the military...merely a political statement to try to garner more votes. You should be running Hillary's campaign in 08. Just remember who's watch it was under that our military was cut so much, and now we are spread thin.

Joseph said...

In point of fact, the U.S. military remained quite strong under Clinton. (Witness the rapidity with which the Taliban was vanquished in 2001.) Do the research. The GOP ran the Congress for 6 of 8 years under Clinton, btw.

No one characterizes our warriors as children. But we waste their bravery on a mission that has no genuine purpose. I supported the Iraq invasion until the lies began being exposed, especially the WMD lies. Bush intended to invade Iraq from Day 1. He has bungled every phase of the war. (Why was Shinseki kicked out for saying we'd need >250,000 people in country?) If you guys in the Service don't have the equipment you need (and 80% of Marine casualties might have been prevented had the right equipment been provided)look for the reason to Bush and his Republican congress.

There are a dozen Iraq vets running for Congress as Democrats this fall. I think there's a reason for this.