Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Current Republican Frontrunner

Lifted directly from Tapped online:

BUSH 2.0

Conservatives touting George Allen as the second coming of Dubbya have another piece of evidence to point to: Allen's continuing attempts to match, and raise, George W. Bush's studied ignorance of what's happening in his own government. Witness:

When asked for his opinion on Bernanke's nomination, all Sen. George Allen (R-VA) could muster was the response, "For what?"

"Told that Mr. Bernanke was up for the Fed chairman's job, Mr. Allen hedged a little, said he had not been focused on it, and wondered aloud when the hearings would be. Told that the Senate Banking Committee hearings had concluded in November, the senator responded: 'You mean I missed them all? I paid no attention to them."

I'm speechless. Even Ronald Reagan knew who the Fed Chief was. With this sort of blithe inattention to governance, Allen's a shoe-in for 2008. There's really no reason to fight it, so I, for one, welcome our new Virginian overlord. May he be merciful and kind.

The terrifying thing is that Allen is stupid enough and vicious enough to win both the Republican nomination and the presidency. It's not like it would be the first time, after all.

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