Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cheney: A Cancer on America

Andrew Sullivan carries a good set of links today on the person who may just be the most evil, morally bankrupt, corrupt human who has ever guided the affairs of our beloved country: Dick Cheney. When you think of it, there really is no form of criminality and mendacity in which Cheney has not engaged. While the CEO at Halliburton, Cheney actively sought trade with Iran and Libya. He also used complex manuevers to hide the fact that he was helping to prop up Saddam Hussein's government. Cheney has lied repeatedly about these matters. It is Cheney and Karl Rove, ironically, who are behind the campaign to label all critics of Bush as traitors. It is Cheney and Rove who have perfected the smear campaign, the kind that denigrates and ridicules the service of Vietnam vets (like McCain, Gore, Cleland, and Kerry) while declaring that draft dodgers (like Limbaugh, Bush, Cheney himself, and Rove) are the true patriots. It is Cheney who was the driving force behind the disastrous Iraq war. It is Cheney who has consistently campaigned on the corpses of the 9/11 victims. It is Cheney who said, notoriously, "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." In other words, it is Cheney who truly controls the United States. It is Cheney who is driving our nation off the cliff. It is Cheney, above all, who is killing our country. The political destruction of Cheney must be one of our top objectives. It starts on Tuesday, 7 November 2006, with the election of a Democratic Congress.
But that will only be the beginning.

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