Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Worst Health Care in America? Oklahoma. Most Fanatically Republican? Oklahoma

And it's no coincidence. Read the stats on Oklahoma's miserable, 50th out of 50 health care system. And then read the quotes from Oklahoma's demented right-wing politicians railing against President Obama's reforms.

Oklahomans would benefit more than any other state's residents  from an improvement of the health care system, and the vast majority of these people despise the president who's trying to give it to them!!

It's quite an accomplishment when you convince people to vote against their own lives.

(Hat Tip: Bartcop)


Ghost Knight said...

It is quite an accomplishment; that's evident in the fact that this idiotic bill is even being considered. Voting for Obamacare is voting against all our lives.

Anonymous said...

It's the law for any hospital to treat a patient within the staff's abilities (or send them to a facility that can) whether or not they have insurance or whether they can pay it. It's bullshit that people need to 'vote for their lives' when they just don't want to pay what is due. OH! But America owes it to them. People just look for reasons to whine about how everything is messed up. We have soonercare, medicaid, medicare, and there are plenty of free health clinics that will give you free medicine. I know, because my family has had to do it. Yeah some things are steep. Like MRIs and xrays that are extremely expensive. The last one I had was 1500 WITH insurance. That is only the actual cost of the whole test. Personally, the health care bill that everyone is so jonesing for can kiss my ass. I'll be better off on my own. Handing our health in the hands of the government does not sit well with me. And you can bet your ass that all these waiting lists for organ doners are going to skyrocket, and the wait times at the ER's are also going to become extremely long, cause everybody would be going in for the littlest sniffle.