Saturday, August 01, 2009

Another Right-Wing DAMNED LIE: "Kill Granny"

The radical Right scum are spreading the DESPICABLE LIE that President Obama's health care bill carries a provision that will force elderly people to end their lives at a certain point. The President's proposal CONTAINS NOTHING OF THE SORT. It is a filthy lie being spread by psychopaths like Randall Terry and the whole network of right-wing hate radio. Read the details for yourself before you think my anger is over the top.

To hell with these people. I mean, to hell with them.

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Ghost Knight said...

TO HELL with any government that has as its policy even the idea to suggest people end their lives for the "common good". The bill SPECIFICALLY STATES that MANDATORY counseling in end-of-life options will be enforced. That means that, for example, Christian seniors who believe that suicide is a mortal sin will be forced to listen to a government drone explain those options to them, no matter how reprehensible the idea may be to those seniors. That is WRONG, and TO HELL with Hussein and his lackeys for even suggesting it. What's next? Soylent Green?