Monday, August 24, 2009

This is the Most Violently Repressed Homosexual on Earth

I couldn't stomach more than a little bit of this sick, screwed-up clown's bullshit, but man oh man, does he want to have sex with other men. Anyone who shouts "faggot" as much as this pathetic loser isn't trying to convince other people--he's trying to convince himself. Oh, and he's also asking God to kill President Obama.

And you want me to compromise with people like that?


Zach said...

Joe, I am sickened by this man. I want to apologize for his ignorance and for the absolute filth that he is dragging the name of Christ through. He preaches a message of hate when the Bible preaches a message of love. He quotes Psalms in his sermon (which is not a typical practice embraced by the majority of ministers), and while they certainly say some things about David praying for his enemies to be cursed, he is corrupting the scriptures. The Psalms are about expressing yourself to God through prayer and building a relationship with Gos so that you are comfortable with Him in that way. They are not about God answering those prayers. David also prays a great deal for forgiveness from hateful things that he had done.
This man used the term "faggot" a whole lot. I have never heard a man sound so hateful, and the fact that he was behind a pulpit when he said these things churns my stomach. He has not embraced the teachings of Christ, which teach us to love one another, but has instead, become a Sodomite himself; one who is far from God and drowning in sin.
I happen to be United Methodist, and some of our congregations certainly are more accepting of homosexuals. But this is not because we do not care about what God has to say (and yes, we believe homosexual acts are sinful), it is because we embrace them and welcome them into the body of Christ just as we would with all sinners, including Mr. Anderson here.
I hope and pray, Joe, that people like him are not actually affecting how people view Christianity, but I know that they are. I am sorry to anyone who was offended by this man (I am among you, being United Methodist and all). He is the hypocrite, and shame on him for his blinding ignorance.

Joseph said...

Zach, you make me proud to know you. God bless you.