Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Salon Reader Answers Palin's "Death Panel" Damned Lie

From a forum yesterday:

Speaking as one who lost a beloved spouse to cancer, while having to fight Aetna every inch of the way for the most basic coverage even after having contributed to its massive profits for years, there is no more effective Death Panel than an insurance company. They literally sent me around in circles time after time, demanding additional copies of "reports" they already had, and in general delaying, stalling and refusing payment until I threatened to sue them and turned them in to regulators.

They know that most people won't go that far, especially when they are desperately trying to care for a terminally ill family member, so with every denial and delay, they make a little more money to blow in the financial markets, which is really their core business.

Death panel? They couldn't wait for my spouse to die, because then their obligations would be over.

Ssarah Palin, I presume, has government coverage, at least when she was in government. I want to see what happens to her coverage now. I suggest she entrust the "care" of little Trig to Aetna

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