Sunday, January 07, 2007


We, as in the vast majority of the American people, 89% of whom oppose the so-called "surge" (i.e., escalation) in Iraq. We've had enough. We've had all the Bush-Cheney-McCain-Neocon lies and distortions we can take.
Former General Wesley Clark has come out foursquare against the whole disastrous notion:
Wesley Clark, the former Nato commander who led the 1999 war in Kosovo, is urging President George Bush not to send more troops to Iraq, saying the "surge" in forces being considered by the White House would be too little, too late and could only deepen the hole that the United States and its allies have dug themselves.

Writing exclusively in The Independent on Sunday, General Clark said the time for a military solution was long past, that US troops lack the skills and the political legitimacy to pacify the conflict-ridden regions, and that the only way forward was a political initiative encompassing the entire region.

"We've never had enough troops in Iraq," writes General Clark, who was the Supreme Allied Commander of Nato forces from 1997-2000. "In Kosovo, we had 40,000 troops for a population of two million. For Iraq, that ratio would call for at least 500,000 troops so adding 20,000 now is too little, too late."

"What the surge would do is put more American troops in harm's way, further undercut US forces' morale, and risk further alienation of elements of the Iraqi populace," he added.

General Clark's words come just days before a speech by Mr Bush, scheduled for Wednesday, in which he is expected to outline a new strategy. The word "surge" suggests a short, sharp injection of overwhelming military force, but even proponents of an increased troop presence say the forces would need to stay at least into 2008.
Virtually everyone is deserting Bush on this issue. Virtually everyone is rejecting his pathetic, borderline insane "leadership". Even Utah--yes, Utah, the most Republican state in the nation--no longer has a majority in favor of Bush's handling of the war. The American people have REJECTED the right wing Republicans and their catastrophic foreign policy. They--WE--are saying no. And by God, we better be listened to. There will be consequences if we're not.
And the Monkey King won't like them.

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