Sunday, January 28, 2007

How to Fight Back Against Anti-Clinton BS from the Net

Awhile back I received a forward from some ultra right wing source. It was an amazingly dishonest compendium of every conceivable lie and false accusation ever made against the Clintons as people and the Clinton presidency itself, including the absurd falsehood that Clinton "cut the military in half" during his administration. The particulars of this typical Republican fraud are unimportant. But I liked the answer I sent back, most of which I'd like to reproduce here. In my humble opinion, THIS is how you nail the anti-Clinton bullshit that circulates around the Internet:

Not sure why conservatives keep circulating this drivel. But I'd just like to point out--
1. That it wasn't Clinton's family that made money by collaborating with the Nazis before and during World War II--it was Bush's.
2. It wasn't Clinton that arranged to sell the Iranians weapons in return for not releasing the embassy hostages, and it wasn't Clinton that armed Saddam to the teeth--it was Reagan and Bush
3. It wasn't Clinton who utterly failed at every business venture he ever tried and got bailed out by his family--it was Bush.
4. It wasn't Clinton who was a drunk for most of his adult life and was stuffing cocaine up his nose while John McCain was being tortured in Vietnam--it was Bush.
5. It wasn't Clinton that insisted on exposing all of his sexual sins in detail in public--it was right wing fanatics that insisted on that. Embarrassing TV? Blame it on the Republican sex perverts who aired it.
6. It wasn't Clinton that cut funding for anti-terrorist operations prior to 9/11, ignored warnings about Bin Laden, and had a report labeled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the U.S." dumped in his lap and ignored it, going on vacation for 5 weeks--it was Bush. (Bush to person giving the Bin Laden report: "OK, you've covered your ass.")
7. Every time Clinton tried to strike at terrorists in the 90s, right wing idiots would scream "Wag the Dog", saying he was just trying to deflect criticism from himself.
8. But you know, the Republicans are right--the record economic growth (which happened AFTER Clinton raised taxes in '93, despite right wing predictions that it would cause recession), the eight years of peace and prosperity, the huge reduction in the national debt, the balanced budgets, the big surplus, the secure Social Security system, the high international prestige enjoyed by the United States--wow, those were terrible days. It's so much better now that we're embroiled in a useless war that's slaughtered 2700 of our best young people and wounded 15,000 others, that the U.S. is despised worldwide, that we've added $3 TRILLION in debt in five years, and the country is now more torn apart than it's been since Vietnam. Thank God the long Clinton nightmare is over!
9. By the way, which administration had more indictments, Clinton or Reagan? If you guessed Clinton, you're wrong. Which president left office with a higher approval rating, Clinton or Reagan? If you said Reagan, you're wrong.
10. And lest we forget, 80% of the Marine casualties in Iraq could have been avoided by adequate body armor. Oh well. I guess Bush and Rumsfeld were too busy to see to it. (That accusation, by the way, was made by the late David Hackworth's site--where the posters are ALL military men. It was supported by abundant evidence.)
Conservatives and libertarians, it's not us Democrats that are trying to turn this country into a theocracy, it's the Republicans. We're not the ones trying to outlaw birth control, imprison homosexuals, ban "non procreative sex", and censor books, it's the Republicans.We're not the ones who screamed about the rights of a braindead woman, Terri Schiavo, the Republicans did. We're not the ones who've utterly fucked up Iraq. We're not the ones pressing for a catastrophic new war in Iran. We're not the ones bankrupting the United States. We didn't fuck up the Katrina relief effort. We're not the ones giving no-bid contracts to Republican fatcats (Halliburton stock is up 235% since 2001 by the way). We're not the ones who are trying to CUT the Veterans Administration. We're not the ones that have this country in a deathspin--it's the Republicans. And the worst ones--Santorum, Brownback, DeLay, Dobson, Falwell, Robertson and company--are the most conservative ones.
If I sound angry to you, I am. This kind of anti-Clinton dogshit has been fouling the internet for years. And why is it that 30% of the actual citizens wanted Clinton impeached and it was done, to the detriment of America, while close to 50% want Bush impeached if it can be shown that he lied about Iraq--which he did--and nothing happens? Strange, isn't it. Read the survey results--when asked who was or is the better president, Bush or Clinton, ordinary Americans say Clinton by a margin of better than 2-1.
The Republican politicians and media propagandists are killing America. They're killing my country. They lie relentlessly, 24/7, through their network of hate radio, Fox "News", the Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, and all of the other media outlets they control in the "liberal" (ha!) media. They are pushing this country into a possible world war and stealing with an impunity that defies belief. They are ignoring the greatest environmental crisis in human history as well for the sake of the Republican oil executives who pour money into right wing campaigns. I'm going to fight back because I love this country and I hate seeing what's happening to it. I'm not going to let the lunatic right destroy America without one hell of a fight.
Yes, Bush may have the blood of thousands of our soldiers on his hands, but Clinton was far worse.
After all, he lied about getting a blowjob.
Joe Miller


pablo said...

Well put.

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vive la revolucion

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wow man, well said.

maruf hadi said...

hey, brother, attractive posting, nice ,war will not happen any more if every body know the late effect. So how to stopping war, only if every community in the world want to understanding each other state, giving respect to every country and giving honor, but sometimes there is any one loved war to become hot, WHO IS HE ?

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